Monday, January 21, 2008


Yesterday I decided that I needed to get my lazy ass in gear and go for a long ride.  Today was supposed to be that day, however mother nature decided to dump 19 inches of snow on my house before I woke up.  A change of plans was in order.  Because the powers that be decided that I needed to continue my off season, I bagged the ride altogether and spent the day playing in the snow with my dog.  This was a good call because it wore him out and decreased his drive to destroy everything that I own.  The only casualty on the day was his feeding cup which I left on the table.  Stupid dog.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Off Season

After my return from Belgium I took a couple of weeks off and just skied.  It was perfect timing because the snow was great and I had a little head cold left over from the USA house, so it was a welcome break.  This is also the first semester of college where I have actually been in class every day for the first month, instead of jet setting around europe.  It is amazing how easy class is when you don't start a month behind.  Training starts in a couple of days and I am really excited to get back on the bike.