Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yeah, there is still snow here.

Today was sunny, so I decided to go for a ride instead of skiing today.  I need to try and get myself back into shape so that I am not DFL at all of the early season races.  I felt better than I have in awhile today, but my usual two hour ride still takes three.  The nice thing about riding in the winter is that you don't have to worry about getting enough sodium.  You eat enough salt in spray and dust that you can order your fries without salt.  It is always helpful on a climb to have some bastard in a diesel ford truck blast wet, salty, smelly smoke in your face.  Unfortunately the salt dust makes me look even paler, if that is possible.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

K-Force Light

FSA sent me a new saddle.  It is super light and looks pretty good.  I wouldn't recommend doing a 24 hour race on it, but it should be sweet for a hour long cross race.  Check it out.  I also realized that I didn't post any pictures of my cross bike for the 2007-08 season, so here it is, the best looking aluminum cross bike ever.  15.7 lbs

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valley of the Sunburn

This weekend officialy started off my 2008 season.  Having ridden only 3 times all year my expectations were low going into the TT on Firday.  I went harder than I had planned on and thought that I put in a decent time, however the 40th place it earned said otherwise.  It is February.
I was a litle nervous about the 90 (OK 89) mile road race because the last time that I rode that long was early September.  After getting shot down going for the first king of the mountain climb, I decided to just try and survive in the pack.  My legs never cramped and although they had no top end what so ever, they could still last for 3:40.  Suprising, and it is only February.  After the first ten crahes in the first two laps everything settled down and in the end it came down to a sprint.  Of course this is perfect for me since I am pretty much the worlds strongest man.  Despite my lack of power I finished 26th and moved from a dismal 40th to a pathetic 27th in the GC.  It is February.
I am currently stuck in a hotel near the airport because there are no seats on planes out of here.  Hopefully I can get out early tomorrow so that I can go skiing before class resumes on Tuesday.