Saturday, May 31, 2008

2 for 2

So far during the time I have been back home training for worlds there have been two Intermountain Cup Races.  I was able to pull off wins in both races.  The first one wasn't a big surprise because it was held on the trails that I train on.  They are literally a 10 min bike ride from my house; I know them.  The second, however, was a bit of a surprise.  There were fast pros there in Alex Grant and Bart G, and although the course was good for me with lots of climbing, I was tired from training hard all this past week.  If it wasn't for a certain super fan in Seattle I don't think I could have won.  Alex was coming up fast and it was all I could do to stay away.  It looks like sly guessed the first two correct, but I am not sure what the deal was with the other three.  He must be out of it, or got some bad information.  I'm off to help Trevor drive his new car back.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

May in Salt Lake

I have to train hard for the next month because I have World Championships in Italy coming up soon.  Yesterday I was supposed to go for a hard 4 hour ride up the cottonwood canyons.  However because I am the quintessential slacker that I am, and because it was raining when I woke up, I didn't.  Instead I looked at the snow report and saw that Snowbird had 14" of new snow.  Skiing it was.  It was amazingly good.  I am not saying it was the best day skiing, but it was a good powder day.  Very few people, as it was a week day in summer, and good snow.  This meant that I could ski as fast as I could.  I love skiing fast, the old ski racer in me comes out and it is just a rush you can't get anywhere else.  Plus, there is nothing better than freshies to remove the pain of overheating the Saturday before.  Every trip back up the lift I was thinking, "It is the 23rd of May. This is incredible.  At this time last year I was picking daisies and frolicking in the wild flowers, craziness."  Eventually it started to get warm and the snow thickened, so I went home.
By the time that I got home, the sun had come out and the roads had dried up.  Perfect for a bike ride.  I got my lazy ass in gear and got in my full ride.  That is why I love living in Salt Lake.  Drive for 15 minutes and am skiing knee deep powder, then in the afternoon head out for a 4 hour ride.  The mountains are my playground. 

Monday, May 19, 2008

Heat Wave and the Valley of Dust

This past weekend was a race in Santa Ynes California.  It was hot.  Way too hot for a kid who got 14" of new snow the Monday before.  When you go from training in thermal jackets and tights in order to prevent the onset of hypothermia, and then throw yourself into a race in 100 degree heat; you melt.  A complete and total meltdown.  I probably should have quit after lap one, but I never quit (even if it means giving myself pneumonia).  On the plus side the beach was nice and the cold Californian ocean was a welcome relief.  Since I am not flexible enough for yoga, all I needed was a pini colada and I would have been set.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Belgian Showers to Spain’s Flowers

Because I am traveling alone and because I decided to go to Europe last minute, I pretty much didn't and don't have any set plans or places to stay.  I figured that I could get a flight from Frankfurt to Madrid, however that didn't work out.  Fortunately Sue was able to give me a ride to Brussels, which had flights to Madrid.  Belgium, for those of you who don't know, isn't known for its sun or attractive girls, so I left the next day to Madrid.  I had talked to a friend of Sager's and he had said that he would pick me up at the airport.  I have a euro phone so I figured all would be well.  After trying to wash off the fly I left the rain behind.

Upon arriving at the airport in Madrid, I discovered that my phone couldn't find service.  This was bad seeing as how I had no idea where to go or who to look for.  I told Sager's friend, Jose, to look for Ronald McDonald carrying a bike box.  This worked well and he found me after about 15 min.  Later I figured out that if I went in and selected the network manually, I could get the network in Spain that my Belgian carrier uses.  I knew that the girls in Spain are nuts, but Bimbo sandwiches? Seriously.  My dog would love this place (Pig legs).