Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Gossip for Utah Cyclists.

This is a great blog.  Check it out:  You got to love a blog that calls everybody out and gets the roadies all wadded up. haha

Training in SLC

Yesterday I had a nice 3 hour ride planned.  Nothing to hard, but a couple nice climbs just to keep it fun.  However when I woke up and looked outside I realized that it was going to be exciting no matter what.  There was about a fourth of an inch of snow in the grass and it was snowing hard.  I went to class hoping that the snow would go away and it would be a good day to get in some miles before Sea Otter, but it just snowed harder.  I put on my waterproof jacket and pants and went out.

There was only one man brave enough to join me on my crazy snow ride, Ali G.  I met up with Ali at Contender and as we were heading out Reed said that we were crazy and Ali told him to HTFU. The ride really wasn't bad at all after my face went numb.  The temperature outside averaged 35 degrees for the whole ride and it was snowin
g the whole time.  This meant that the snow would melt as soon as it hit you or your bike, however the wind would quickly freeze it again.  This caused our bikes to get covered in ice, my shoes and gloves to fill with water, and ice sheets to form on my glasses.  Fortunately
 I had Oakley's hydrophobic lens so it wasn't too bad.  Ali wasn't so lucky.  It was without doubt the worst conditions I have ever trained in and I don't think that it could have been any worse.  If it had been colder we wouldn't have been wet, which would have been a lot warmer. 
 All and all it was a pretty good ride.  I was able to get in my 3 hours and I am prepared for anything Sea Otter can dish out provided it isn't above 75 and sunny.