Friday, May 1, 2009

Life Update

So as some of you may have heard or witnessed, it was above 75 degrees and very sunny at Sea Otter.  Infact is was 96 in Salinas and over 100 on some of the climbs out on course.  This was not a good thing for me coming from 34 degrees and sleet.  I ended up suffering from heat exhaustion that was borderline heat stroke.  I passed out and fell off my bike on one of the climbs.  I was totally out of it and rode passed the medical people but fortunately Trevor stopped me and sent me to the medical crew.  I had stopped sweating and wasn't functioning very well.  The medics pored water over me and put ice packs inside my shorts.  Then it was off to the ambulance for a nice ride over to the medical tent.  I was feeling much better after an IV put 2 bags of saline solution in me.  All and all it wasn't the best Sea Otter I have ever had.
School is taking up most of my time, however I still managed to perfect my skills of catching fish with my bare hands.  I am all done with it next Wednesday.  Less than a week of studying hard and writing papers and I will be free for the summer!!