Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School and Geckos

I know that you don't normally equate school with geckos, however in my case this year that is exactly what happened.  Allow me to set the stage.  The class is Foundations of Analysis, which for those of you who don't know, is a math class that proves calculus.  I have yet to use any numbers and it seems to be more logic than anything else, and so far has been a pretty cool class.  Anyways, its a college math class.  One day, during the first week of school while I was waiting for the professor to arrive, I overheard a guy, who we will call Apu, talking about how he has the opportunity to go europe for a while so he was thinking about dropping all of his classes for the semester.  This sounded like a good idea to me, in fact one that I have done in the past.  Apu went on talking about what he was going to do there and other things, but there were smudges on my erasure that needed removing so I wasn't really paying attention.  Then he said a word that perked my interest; that word was "gecko".  I am and always have been a big fan of lizards, especially geckos.   I really like their sticky feet.  I wish that I could run up glass.  I decided that the remaining smudges were just fine and I turned my attention back to the conversation.  Turns out that Apu had recently bought a baby crested gecko and now that he was leaving the country had no way of keeping him.  The guy he was directly talking to, who we will call Lisa, suggested that he try to sell it.  Apu thought that this was a good idea, however he didn't think that he would have time to sell it and was thinking about just letting it go.  Apu didn't want to do this as crested geckos cannot survive in snow.  I interrupted them (don't you hate it when that random weird guy sitting behind you comments on you conversation?) and told Apu that if he didn't sell it, I would take it off his hands.  I didn't particularly want a gecko right now as I also travel, but I also couldn't stand the thought of having a little gecko drying up or freezing.  A week passed, I did some research on how to take care of crested geckos, nobody bought it, and I now own a very small, very cute, and very active baby gecko.  It is a very cool little lizard and I am looking forward to watching it grow.

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